Geo Conquesting

Geo Conquesting
Target customers based on where they are in the real world
  • allows you to target a COMPETITOR'S LOCATION
  • allows you to target a SPECIFIC LOCATION 
  • allows you to target anyone that has visited YOUR LOCATION
  • ALL within the last 30 days
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Geo-Conquesting is revolutionizing the way small businesses market to local consumers.

In its most basic element, Geo-fencing is location based advertising that can send direct ad content directly targeting consumers who have or are visiting a specific location. 

These dynamic display ads are seen by potential customers via mobile phone apps and search browsers like Chrome and Safari.

Geo-Conquesting has applications for every type of business that you can run. For those businesses that would like to appeal to consumers entering their business, their competitors business, or just a park bench. Geo-Conquesting can advertise to:

…your competitors visitors 
…your visitors to bring them back
…any geographic location 100 meters x 100 meters
Instantly and unto 30 days After they visit

Geo-fencing helps you say “Look-at-Me-Too” potential customers visiting your competitors. 

When you utilize Geo-fencing as a component of your marketing strategy, you're opening the door to limitless potential. Don't let marketing strategies go unused, especially one so useful. Considering that 91% of all adults in the United States have a cellphone, there is an explosive opportunity to reach your potential customers at a local level. In effect putting your message directly into their hands. The best part is - You only pay when someone sees your ad and in the end we can even tell you how many people saw your ad and then VISITED your location! That some powerful advertising resources.

Don't delay it’s time to adapt to 2015 mobile advertising systems. Sign up for Geo-Conquesting today!
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