Our Crew

Our Crew

Our Marketing Concept:

When we were planning to start our business and were thinking about a name, we knew we had to choose something meaningful, something that represented us. We chose the name Confluence with great care. This name represents our business strategy very aptly.
What does confluence mean? It represents a place where several different rivers meet, merge, and flow on with a new identity. That’s what our marketing strategy is. We’ve coined the word solomoco to represent this union of social, local, mobile, and Commerce. These aspects come together to bring traffic and revenue to your business. At Confluence Local Marketing, we use proven techniques, thorough research, and in-depth industry knowledge to provide cost-effective and measurable results. 
A few words about us:

We started out with just one goal in mind: to help small and mid-sized businesses understand marketing and implement it to benefit their local businesses. We don’t just believe in providing a service, but also in helping others learn a few things about the complex marketing industry. This allows business owners to hold their own and confidently navigate the field. 

We aim to use all of your online real estate, take advantage of all opportunities, and bring together several strategies to form a unified force. This force will help you conquer the business world, and your competition, and find your place in it. 

At Confluence local marketing, we believe that capturing a mix of social, local, mobile, and content data intelligence is the best way to use programmatic marketing and advertising to capture the attention of prospective customers. We use the best technology and techniques available today to get you great ROI. We have a proven marketing strategy. 
Michael Langenberg, the founder and the man behind Confluence, has a degree in marketing from the Northern Illinois University. He has worked with small and mid-sized businesses for over 12 years now and brings plenty of experience to the table. He’s considered a guru of marketing and loves to backpack across the world during winters.
Claire, the co-founder, has multiple degrees from University of Illinois and New England Conservatory. She’s the grammar nazi of our team and cares dearly about Oxford commas. She’s the expert that spreads your company’s message across different channels; and is responsible for billing and invoices. Claire is also a cellist.
David Hillard is the brand artist. He started I.D.E.A.S in 1995 and is an ace at creating logos and branding,
Reclusive creator of award winning designs and creative materials. Working as a freelance drifter daydreaming and drawing his days away he found his home at Confluence Social Marketing. His tagline gravitates between “Take me away from this Big bad world..” and “I need coffee”.
Steve is always first to adapt to some new technology, plugin, mobile app, or social media platform. Once some new gadget or program makes it’s way to beta it’s old news and obsolete to this masked crusader. Steve is ahead of the curve for technology and specializes in keeping his eye on the mobile heartbeat of the industry.
Peter Is our SOLOMOCO Engineer, Review Marketing, Video Marketing, Smart Ads. If you have any questions about Solomoco.io, review videos, or ad campaigns, email him
Ben Director of Business Development
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