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Social media has unprecedented reach and has penetrated every aspect of our lives. For businesses, it’s an excellent platform for customer engagement but you need to utilize it properly. Unfortunately, this can be a complicated and a tiresome process. There are several social media networks. Some might be more popular with your niche customers than others. It’s vital to be where you customers are and keep them engaged. But keeping track of all networks isn’t easy. With that in mind, we at Confluence Local Marketing have created

What is is essentially a platform that allows you to manage all of your social media endeavors from one place. You won’t need to monitor and update content on each individual social media network separately. You can just use the app or webpage to get everything done efficiently without visiting dozens of different websites. 

You can imagine just how convenient this can be. With, you get the following features:

  • A single dashboard to read and respond to all your social media messages
  • Mobile-friendly review email template
  • Daily status updates and postings on networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. 
  • Monitoring keywords
  • RSS feeds 
  • The ability to instantly prepare recent photographs to be edited, hash-tagged, and posted across different social media platforms. 
As you can see, these conveniences will save a lot of time that you can spend elsewhere. You’ll be able to increase your online reputation and social media presence without having to spend hours on the process. Works Across Multiple Blogging and Social Media Platforms

This intuitive interface will allow you to post great looking posts on several platforms. The compose message box will easily adapt to the style of different social media sites and blogs so that the design in your content is consistent. With, you get:
The ability to schedule content posting when your audience are most likely to view it. The scheduling feature will analyze audience data to suggest the best time to post, magnifying the impact of your content.

The calendar that allows you to oversee scheduled messages for your team. With this feature, you can oversee the publishing schedule of your team and adjust it to get optimal benefit.
The RSS auto posting feature that allows you to automatically publish topical content on your social network pages regularly. 
The ability to queue content for publishing at different times of the day for the best effect. 

By using, you can automate and enhance your social media marketing strategy, leading to higher ROI in less time.

Unlock the potential of social sharing

Owned Content. Sharing your own blog posts? Easily attach call-to-actions on screen without making changes to the page itself.

Earned Media. Got featured in a publication? Share the link with your call-to-action so that readers can engage with your brand.

Curated Links. Promoting someone else's content? Get recognized for your referral by including a message for your followers.
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