• More Customers
  • Increased Traffic
  • 5 Star Reputation
  • Hyper-Local Hyper-Targeted Advertising
  • Social Media Posting
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Ready to Rethink Local marketing?
We believe local marketing and advertising needs to be personalized and programmatic. 

Are you ready for personalized dynamic data driven marketing? 
What If You Could Get?
...Honest online reviews on Yelp, Google+, and more..

...A dynamic website giving visitors custom messages just for them?

...Ads delivered to consumers visiting your 
locations or reading their online reviews

...Daily posts across all your social media sites and retargeting of social sharing!

...A smarter way to generating leads than Google Adwords

...Increased web visits, reduced bounce rates, quality leads

...Business listings with local and mobile citations for quality SEO

A Proven Revenue Generating System for Local Businesses
What Do You Want to Achieve with Local Marketing?

Just think on that question a little bit. How do you want local marketing to benefit you? What are your goals? Almost everyone will have the same answers to this particular question:

  • We need more customers 
  • We want increased traffic into our website 
  • We want to get five star ratings on review websites like Yelp and Google+
  • We want hyper local and well targeted advertising 
  • We want social media visibility with unique and specialized content

These are the results every business owner wants to achieve from their local advertising efforts, but that’s not always easy to manage. It takes a deep understanding of the market, of the local demographic, and knowledge of the right marketing techniques. That’s what you get from us at Confluence Local Marketing

Are you Ready to Leave Old Practices Behind?

Digital marketing keeps evolving and every day we see new strategies and developments being used. Are you ready to keep up with the times? Even a casual observer of the digital marketing industry will tell you that mobile has moved ahead of desktop. This is especially true for local marketing. 

Local marketing strategies take advantage of location and GPS services to target prospects around and near your location. You can use this technology to understand when your prospective customers are within the range of your store and send ads to them. Local targeting has a very high rate of conversion. A large number of prospects who perform the local search tend to visit a store on the same day. Some visit in the same month. 

If you want to benefit first, you need to move your focus away from desktop and to the field of mobile. Are you ready for the shift? With us, you can be. 

Get the Latest Digital Marketing Strategies Customized for your Business

We believe that there’s no one-size fits all in digital marketing. Modern techniques work best if they’re completely personalized to suit your business. As a part of our personalized services, you get:
  • Ethically sourced honest reviews on websites like Yelp and Google+
  • Ads that are specifically directed towards people searching for your products
  • Ads that are directed towards prospects visiting your competitor’s location
  • Daily customer engagement on all your social media webpages. 
  • Smart lead generation using platforms more refined than Google AdWords
  • High quality leads, reduced bounce rates, and more traffic to your website

With Confluence Local Marketing, you get all of this and more!

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Real Customers. Real Growth.

Companies around the U.S use Confluence Local Marketing to manage their marketing, reputation, advertising, social media, and SEO.
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